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Siemens Motors

Standard motors up to frame size 315L

High-efficiency motors – reduced energy costs and environmental protection

General Description

     Increasing energy costs mean that energy consumption is of increasing significance in drive technology. It is essential to fully exploit potential for minimizing these costs in order to remain competitive now and in the future. Lower energy consumption also benefits the environment.


We are offering a new generation of low-voltage motors, enabling you to do more with your motors. An innovative rotors technology creates the very best basis for highly efficient motors. The new motors for IE2 (high efficiency) thereby offer large energy savings and are better for the environment. Also, the modular design concept provides full flexibility: each motor is based on a standardized concept for all international markets.


Technical data overview

Customer benefits


Increased Efficiency

Instead of cast-aluminum rotors, an innovative rotor technology is now used in the IE2 motors. As a result, the motors have considerably smaller dimensions. The IE1 and IE2 motors are thus based on the same housing. When changing to the higher class of efficiency it is no longer necessary to redesign the machine, saving time and costs. Even more: with our IE2 motors you can significantly save energy because they have up to 7 % higher efficiency in comparison with IE1 motors.

More Power

With the same housing, our motors with increased output power offer higher kilowatts than standard power. And even better, we have also consistently pursued improved energy efficiency here. The motors are supplied in high efficiency and standard efficiency versions based on the IEC 60034-30 classification.