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Our Mission, Vision, Values and Competitive Advantage

Techknow, we understand that our foundation is our alignment of our company, customers, and coworker’s needs and goals. If we are all in alignment, we can create results that are truly remarkable! Our Mission, Vision, Values, and Competitive Advantage help to serve as a guide for our daily interactions and our long term planning.


Integrate technology and marketing solutions that deliver measurable customer success.


We help our customers sell more. We do this by researching the possibilities, creating ideas executing the plans and delivering results that our customers value and compensate us for.

As a team we are collaborative, creative, committed and devoted to providing quality work. We are recognized for our thought leadership and for the lasting relationships we build with our coworkers and our customers.

We understand the balance between tried and true and the dazzlingly new. This combination is a part of the formula that helps our customers grow


Our values provide structure for our actions and how we interact with our customers, co-workers, and the community.


Being personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior in all aspects of our work. We fulfill our commitments and consistently treat customers, coworkers, and company resources with the respect they deserve.

Commitment to Win

Have a positive and winning attitude at all times, for our customers and our company.


Understanding that the details make the difference and that quality is expected. Integrating continuous improvement into our daily routine. Being personally responsible for the quality of whatever we are a part of.


Working together to create unique solutions that would never be possible if only working as an individual.


Combining goals, education, research, and expertise to explore new and better ways to utilize story, digital tactics, and campaigns to help ourselves and our customers sell more.

Competitive Advantage

For almost two decades, our metrics-driven approach has resulted in many customer success stories and mutually beneficial partnerships. We are a team of creative thinkers, technology integrators, and marketing experts who create stories and solutions that help our brands sell more.